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What is Leemons?

Leemons is an open source platform that offers a next-generation Learning Experience, based on modular plugins in order to allow developers to extend the platform functionality.

Leemons use a modern headless framework based on NodeJS, Koa and React.

Beyond architecture, Leemons offers a suite of first-class features that make it easy for developers, admins, teachers and students.

Core features

Leemons architecture enables a several key features, available today:

  • Rapid deployment system based on plugins.
  • Welcome wizard installation from zero for super-admins (with the basics to setup the platform)
  • Leemons Demos, a collection of Docker images with demo data in order to test the full functionality (including primary, secondary and high school programs), with realistic users, activities and resources.
  • Creation of users with invitation mails, recover passwords, etc…
  • Support for role-based access control (RBAC) for secure user management and authentication.
  • Support of multi-profile roles and custom profile configuration. The platform provides by default four basic profiles (that you could extend or create new ones):
    • Super-admin
    • Admin
    • Teacher
    • Student
  • Multi-language support, with modular dictionaries for each plugin or module.

Core plugins included


Main and subject dashboards: allow to manage the learning experience from one place with total coherence.


  • Creation and assignation of two types of activities:
    • Test (including mono-response with images) and maps.
    • Tasks (including submission of files or links).
  • Multi-subject tasks (allowing teacher to create tasks for more than one subject at the same time and release independent scores/grades).
  • Evaluation system to scoring/grade activities (including multi subject evaluation).


With subjects filters and automatic creation of events related to activities (includes invitation for other users).


With subjects filters and automatic creation of tasks related to activities (includes sub-task management and invitation for other users).


An astonishing main Library with all the assets created in only one place with support to media files, documents, bookmarks and activities (includes sharing permissions).

Academic Portfolio

It allows you to create and manage your academic programs or courses and enroll students.

Academic Rules

It allows you to create academic rules and evaluation systems for each of your programs.